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Terex - CTT 182-8

Saddle Jib

About this Crane

‘’A tried and tested 8tn saddle with a jib which can extend to up to 65m.’’

The Terex CTT182 saddle tower crane with a good maximum jib length of 65 meters with the maximum capacity of 8 tons up to 25m then 2 tons at the maximum job length.  This tower crane has a very low power consumption of mains 59 KVA and generator 100 KVA.

Terex flat top tower cranes are characterized by quality workmanship that provides reliable performance under continuous operation. Easy erection/maintenance and parts modularity provide a high level of cost-effectiveness. Ergonomic cabs enable crane operators to work efficiently.

Terex CTT 182-8, a Flat Top Crane with a 65m Jib

Key Data

Model Number Terex - CTT 182-8
Jib Length (Max) 65m
Jib Length (Min) 35m
Capacity (at Max Radius) 2.0t
Max Capacity 8tn up to 25.69m
Max Mast Height 104m Freestanding
Power Mains 59 KVA
Power Generator 100 KVA

From £1100

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