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Lux - MTL 220-10

Luffing Tower

About this Crane

"A big lifter in the 10tn luffer range, can out lift some 12tn machines and can achieve an out of service radius of 9.6m."

The Lux MTL 220 is a heavy-duty tower crane, with a maximum Capacity of 10tn up to 25.8 meters.  The maximum jib length of 55 meters has the maximum capacity of 3.1 tons.  With such a heavy load comes a high-power consumption of mains 130 KVA / Generator 240 KVA.  Being a hydraulic Luffer this tower crane has a good parking position and out of service radius.

Lux MTL 220-10, Luffing Tower Crane

Key Data

Model Number Lux - MTL 220-10
Jib Length (Max) 55m
Jib Length (Min) 30m
Capacity (at Max Radius) 3.1t
Max Capacity 10tn up to 25.8m
Max Mast Height 81m Freestanding
Power Mains 130 KVA
Power Generator 240 KVA

From £1750

Per Week

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