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Jost - JL 316-16

Luffing Tower

About this Crane

‘’A 16tn A-Frame Luffer capable of self-climbing with climbing cradle.’’

The Jost 316 has an impressive maximum jib length of 60 meters with the maximum load of 16 tons up to 30 metres and 4 tons at the maximum jib length. This tower crane had a moderate power consumption of mains 150 KVA and generator 300 KVA.

Jost JL 316-16 A Frame Luffer Crane for hire or rental

Key Data

Model Number Jost - JL 316-16
Jib Length (Max) 60m
Jib Length (Min) 30m
Capacity (at Max Radius) 4t
Max Capacity 16tn up to 22.1m
Power Mains 150 KVA
Power Generator 300 KVA

From £2750

Per Week

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